It’s accessible

It’s accessible.

You will be able to use it on/at:

  • ANY phone

  • ANY point-of-sale terminal

  • ANY bank or processor

  • ANY ATM terminal

  • ANY gas pump (assisted or full service)

  • ANY e-commerce site…

It’s easy

It’s easy.

It’s easy because it:

  • Removes the barrier to growth and mass participation.

  • Removes the need for costly platform upgrades.

  • Integrates with virtually all banks and third-party digital wallets.

  • Makes transactions easy for merchants and consumers alike.

  • Delivers the mobile means to make payments, transfers, and more.


It’s remote because:

  • QRUZ can enable remote payments and ATM withdrawals.

  • A person can make a mobile payment to any remote merchant, i.e. making a payment for a friend or relative in a different city.

  • It will enable a person to withdraw cash from any ATM terminal for someone in a remote location.

It’s secure

It’s secure.

  • NO card data is transmitted by or saved on user device.

  • NO card data is transferred to or saved by the merchant/POS terminal.

  • NO fraudulent chargebacks can occur because each transaction has double authentication.

It’s unbreachable: With no card data transmitted, transactions are protected against security breach
and access/use by hackers.