General Questions

  • How secure is QRUZ?

    QRUZ is 100% secure. At no point during the transaction is card data stored, transmitted, or shared by the merchant. QRUZ believes that there is no need for a retailer to capture account information from consumers, as it leaves room for that information to be exploited. The only information that is ever in transit between the retailer and financial institution is the dollar amount and the date and time of the transaction.

  • How is the QRUZ Product Line different from other mobile payment platforms?

    QRUZ is a patented universal mobile payment technology that can be used for:

    - Remote payments
    --> i.e. making a payment for a friend or relative in a different city, state, or country.  It will enable a person to withdraw cash from any ATM terminal for someone in a remote location.

    - Making mobile payments from any type of phone to any type of Point of Sale terminal

    - Person-to-person (p2p) payments

    - eCart mobile payment enablement by scanning a QR code on the screen

    - ATM withdrawals
    --> i.e. withdraw cash from an ATM by scanning a QR code at the ATM terminal

    - Bill payments; by including a QR code on bills

    - Open / Closed loop environments; enablement of mobile payments from Prepaid / Rewards accounts

  • How is QRUZ different from other digital wallets?

    QRUZ is phone and wallet agnostic technology that does not compete or replace any processor, bank or credit card brand. i.e. A person with a smart phone, flip-phone, or landline phone can make a payment or ATM cash withdrawal using any integrated digital wallet.

  • How does QRUZ handle refunds?

    Refunds are processed the same way they are currently processed. QRUZ handles sales, authorizations, and pre-authorizations.

Financial Institutions

  • What do I need to do to implement QRUZ for my customers?

    QRUZ is a simple software update to their POS systems and an add-on feature to their existing consumer app.

  • What customer information does QRUZ capture during transactions?

    No customer information is captured beyond the dollar amount, location, date, and time of the transaction. All personal information remains with the financial institution. It is never shared with the retailer.

  • What do I need to do to implement QRUZ with retailers?

    QRUZ is a cloud based service that can be deployed with a simple software update to the Point of Sale terminal. Retailers will receive QR code decals/stickers with their unique IDs to display at the register..

    Small retailers will receive an app that would act as a Point of Sale terminal. Customers will use their payment app to scan merchants app..


  • Is there any additional hardware I need to install?

    No additional hardware is needed.

  • What do I need to do to install QRUZ Pay?

    Merchants need to contact their processor to enable QRUZ Pay, or use the mPOS feature, which allows the merchant to use QRUZ Pay via a mobile point-of-sale system.


  • Is there a cost involved to use QRUZ Pay?

    Free App download for all Android and iOS phones

  • Will the transaction still appear in my bank statements the same as with a traditional credit card charge?

    Yes, the transaction will still appear in bank statements as it would with any other charge.

  • What personal information does QRUZ Pay capture?

    QRUZ Pay does not capture any personal information from the consumer once the account is established.

  • Does the technology work if I have no cell service or Wi-Fi?

    No, the technology requires cell service or internet access, unless the customer is paying via landline.