Everyone wins with the QRUZ solution

Eliminate fraudulent chargebacks and gain a 100% scalable mobile payments platform.

Everyone wins with QRUZ

Banks / Providers

Banks / Providers

  • Banks/Providers can have multiple verticals (mATM, eCommerce, mobile payments, small merchant app, and money transfer) in an all-in-one platform (QRUZ).

  • QRUZ Pay reduces the operational inefficiencies.

  • QRUZ Pay eliminates the added costs of managing, processing and reporting different financial transactions in the various silos for one customer.

  • QRUZ Pay treats your customers as the focal point with a simple, unified user experience.

  • Reach out to our QRUZ Pay team to learn how your organization can easily implement this simple yet robust mobile payments solution.



  • New banking and merchant opportunities open up worldwide, including at a micro-merchant level.

  • Mobile payments are available anywhere there is phone access.

  • Merchants streamline operations (no new POS hardware required), reduce fraud, and encourage consumer spending.

  • Merchants attract and retain the fastest growing generations worldwide: Millennials and Gen Z.

  • Companies can manage secure mobile payroll, money transfers, remote payments, and more.



  • Consumers can make mobile purchases, make remote payments, and manage personal finance easily and worry-free.