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We saw the future, and mobile phones were always a part of it. We want to renovate small communities and liberate every individual globally from the dynamics of banking and provide a better system of payment solutions for all entities. In addition to, bestowing dignity to the whole unbanked sector worldwide. With our mobile payment technology, everyone will have an equal opportunity to become a part of a huge economic rise.

The shift to mobile payments and commerce will demonetize cash, eliminate credit/debit cards and allow the entire world to become merchants or consumers to be included in more prosperous world.

With that vision in mind, patents for the technology were filed in 2009 through Fenwick & West, granted in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Taiwan, and South Africa —as well as pending patents worldwide.

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The QRUZ Pay Product Line is:

  • Simple and quick to implement

  • Low cost

  • Easy to use

  • Fast with transaction times

  • 100% secure, unbreachable

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We welcome the media to learn

We welcome the media to learn more about QRUZ here