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QRUZ Pay was developed with one simple mission: Make easy, fast, safe, and 100% secure mobile payments ubiquitous.

Patents were filed in 2009 for our unique technology, and we have been building partnerships worldwide to bring about this seamless global solution. QRUZ currently has patents in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Taiwan, and South Africa—as well as additional pending patents worldwide.

Mobile Equity Corp dba QRUZ is comprised of a group of visionary telecommunications, banking and SaaS engineers who identified a relatively simple solution that overcame all the obstacles & objections to mobile payment.  Research shows that although members of the Millennial and Gen Z generations live through their mobile phones they all also have a lack of trust that the existing or proposed payment solutions were in fact, secure in addition lack of ubiquity.  The Mobile Equity solution recently rebranded as QRUZ delivers a 100% secure solution usable from any phone and on any POS or ATM terminal.

The founder of Mobile Equity, Marwan Afana, has extensive experience with pay by phone, SaaS subscription and bank settlement spaces. Once his vision was solidified and the patents were filed he recruited some of his longtime IT associates to help make the vision a reality.  The team was later enhanced with selected professionals and advisors with extensive financial industry and payment services and operations background. This resulted in the Company then having the operational and development skills to complete a product that is state-of-the-art yet straight forward, secure and easy to implement.

The QRUZ vision for success centers around building partnerships with successful financial services partners such as banks, processors and e-wallet operators, retailers (brick and mortar and e-retailers) as well as fintech partners who serve large niche markets.  The Company in mid-2016 hired an experienced business development and sales executives to assist in building these relationships and to deliver the market realization of the vision. 

QRUZ is now a real group of products managed by great people that fit a proven need with a sound, scalable world class solution.

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The QRUZ Pay Product Line is:

  • Simple and quick to implement

  • Low cost

  • Easy to use

  • Fast with transaction times

  • 100% secure, unbreachable

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We welcome the media to learn

We welcome the media to learn more about QRUZ here



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